“A pound spent with us should bring you many more.”

How do we conduct our business with you? 

Following an initial email and phone call, we will come and see you to scope the project.
We will submit a proposal to you, which outlines our proposed work and fees. A pound spent with us should bring you many more.
We will want to collaborate closely with you so if we need further information, we recommend that you brief us face-to-face on everything relevant to your organisation and our project. We will ask questions to help us glean the right information.
We will then do our work before presenting our report to you; this could be a briefing and report. We may work physically alongside you depending on the complexity of the project.
We may then help put your plan into action.
Importantly, we want you to feel we are part of your team throughout the time we are working with you and we want you to learn from us.

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